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The Car Racing Journey

Car racing is also called as auto or motor racing. It’s a game of automotive in which vehicles compete with each other on a specific race track. The main goal is to cross the finishing line first among other competitors. The winners are determined on the basis of total race time, along with…

Grandview Racing Track

What Are The Categories That Car Racing Involves?

Single Seat Car Racing

About Saloon Car Racing

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  • What are the rules for Drag racing cars?

    Car enthusiasts love watching drag races and, at times, enjoy experimenting thrilling top speeds in their vehicles. Drag racing is taking over the world as one of the loudest Motorsports, and many people want to venture into the sport throughout Europe and America. However, just like any sport that…
  • Baku, Azerbaijan to host Formula One

    As the weekend begins to unfold in the world of Formula One racing, all eyes are set on Baku’s city circuit in Azerbaijan for the next race of the European Grand Prix. With the race scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, June 19, fans are in for a special treat as this race is sure to live up to the…
  • A. J. Foyt and Mario Andretti

    For people who are passionate about cars, A.J Foyt and Mario Andretti are two of the best known drivers in the world. They have changed the face of the sport of car racing. Now, the two professional drivers are no longer in any competition, so they are using their talent, skills, and connections to…
  • Brian Vickers to race No. 14 again

    Injuries in sports often lead to incredible opportunities. Most notably, Lou Gehrig got his starting spot on the Yankees when Wally Pipp was unable to play, and the rest is history. Recent developments in NASCAR with Brian Vickers are not at that level, but are still notable for their own unique…
  • The difference between stock cars and drag cars

    There are a great number of fans of the NASCAR races and franchise movies like the “Fast and the Furious!” They give the audience watching these races thrills. It is not just the skill of the drivers that make these races exciting. The speed and the agility of these cars differentiate…
  • Nascar Sprint Cup 2015

    For car passionate fans, Nascar is the biggest event of the year. The famous race reunites drivers from all over the world, all sharing the same goal: to prove that they are the best racers. The Nascar Sprint Cup 2015 was the 67th season of the race, and it was televised on various TV channels.…
  • Justin Wilson's Car Will Participate In Indycar Season Finale

    Justin Wilson passed away last Sunday at Pocono IndyCar 500 when his car got caught by debris, forcing his car to crash into a wall. The whole racing community was shocked by the event. For the Season Finale at Sonoma Raceway, Wilson´s car will be racing after all. The seat will be taken by…
  • Basics of Car Racing Tracks

    Car racing as a sport is enjoyed by millions all over the world. However, one should remember that an excellent racing track makes the experience even more challenging and thrilling. Meticulous planning and excellent design capabilities contribute towards an interesting and intriguing racetrack for…

Worldwide News

Johnson Wins One More Time At Dover

For the tenth time, Jimmy Johnson won on the Dover track. There are only a handful of Nascar drivers who were able to meet this milestone. Luckily, Johnson was one of them. Johnson started the race in the back. However, he was up-front in no time. He immediately took control of the race, and he did…

Women in Auto Car Racing

The Craze Among The Young Generations

Classic Car Racing Is Popular Among Motor Sport Enthusiasts

The Popularity Of Formula 1 Car Racing

Hottest News

Grandview Racing Track

Considered as one of the best, Grandview Speedway is located in Washington Township in Berks County near Bechtelsville and Pennsylvania. It is also known as the greatest show on dirt. Unlike others, it is the one-third automobile race track. It features the high banks moderately and a quite wide…

What Are The Categories That Car Racing Involves?

Car racing has become popular and famous worldwide. People from various parts of the world come to join events that involves car racing. These sports have great fan followers. The young generations get motivated. The daring attitude and the challenging act stimulate the nerves of the audiences and…

Single Seat Car Racing

Car racing is something that excites everyone who loves speed. Car racing are of many types. It can be single seat car racing or even formula one racing. Whatever the case may be one need to learn racing properly before they start with it. There are a whole lot of techniques that are followed by…

About Saloon Car Racing

Car racing is something that excites everyone who loves speed. The thrill in this sport is tremendous and this thrill is the best part of this sport. Saloon car racing first got started in Australia. It is equally and now-a-days more popular than the single seat car racing. Various championship…

How to Ride Race Cars

Car racing is a very exciting sport for many people in this world. If you love speed you are bound to love this sport too. There are several techniques of racing. Before you jump into starting the race you must first know to ride a race car. Altogether it’s quite a different stuff from the…