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Changing Your Brakes on time

While driving, vehicle brakes are vital to everyone concerned. Be it the people in the car or people on the road. Hence getting your brakes checked and changed is vital for your safety and efficiency of the vehicle. For those who are on a daily commute through heavy traffic, you would be stopping several times before reaching your work place. Ignoring your braking systems can result in higher repair cost, or worse.

The most obvious sign that tells you that you need to change your braking system is when you hear a high-pitched squealing sound when you stop. Mostly like the brakes are trying to imitate the sound you make with your fingernails on a chalkboard. Although this doesn’t always happen as sometimes the indicator rusts and falls off leaving you with no irritating sound to tell you of brake wear.
For those of you who are more observant, you may notice that it takes you longer to stop that usual.

Knowing when to change your Roters may be a little trickier. These usually last longer than brake pads and may last through two or three brake pad changes. Some mechanics might offer to “turn” your rotors instead of outright replacing them. This means shaving off a little metal off of the rotors to make them smooth again. Some of the newer models have thinner and lighter rotors to save on costs and increase fuel efficiency. It is always a better option to change them.

Top Ten Signs of Brake Wear:

1. High pitched squealing

2. The steering wheel vibrates when you stop

3. Grinding noises when stopping

4. It takes longer to stop than before

5. Longer pedal travel

6. Your car pulls to the left or right when you stop

7. A weak emergency brake

8. A bad smell emanates after coming to a hard stop

9. Pedal “fade”

10. Not stopping

Neglecting your brakes till your car is grinding to a halt instead of gliding is always an option; although it can cost you big time in unnecessary rotor replacement. Not to mention high towing bills. It can definitely get worse; like not being able to stop when you need to.


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Dave House got his first career win in the IMSA Prototype Challenge. At 75 years old, he became the oldest winner in the race’s history. The win came less than a week after he turned 75 years old. The win also gave him the lead in the series standings after finishing sixth in the first race of…

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